What the Alexander Technique IS

photo courtesy of pixabay

Few of us arrive at study of the Technique with a perfect body and amazing talent to boot. But just look at him.  That’s beautiful use of The Self.  He is fully engaged, wholly present, and gloriously aligned from his head all the way down to his to tippy-toes.  Love you, Elvis-darlin’!  I’m all shook up——

The rest of us mere mortals show up at the door of a teaching studio, as I did decades ago, because something is wrong.  I had taken a fall on ice-covered concrete steps dashing out the door one morning.  Weeks later, still in pain, a colleague (yes, Loren Bucek, YOU!), suggested I might try the Alexander Technique to reduce my lower-back discomfort.  The pain resolved, in large part due to AT study and training.

The Alexander Technique IS:

a re-education of your kinesthetic sense (the felt sense of the body)

a process that re-trains your mind to work in partnership with your body.  Mr. Alexander called this body/mind, The Self.

a body-mapping endeavor, in which the student un-learns inaccurate perceptions and information about the body’s structure, and acquires anatomy-specific knowledge about how we are put together and how we move.  (For you AT savvy readers, my body mapping orientation to the Technique can be wholly attributed to my first and longtime teacher, Barbara Conable.)

a relief.  The ease and freedom which are our birthright can be re-found and embraced daily through the principles and practices of the Technique.

Give yourself the gift of ease and right now, in this very moment.  It doesn’t have to be planned for, scheduled, or deliberated.  As you finish reading this post, and move on to what’s next on your device, notice the space between you and it.  Instead of bringing yourself to your computer, your smartphone, let there be space between.  (Thank you, Imogen Ragone, for this wonderful prompt.)

Let me know how your gift-giving goes!  May your day be spacious—-








4 thoughts on “What the Alexander Technique IS

  1. petry37 April 23, 2016 / 2:23 am

    “let there be space between”! love it.


    • alexandertechnique2016 May 2, 2016 / 6:51 pm

      isn’t that a great quote? It changes my relationship to my PC and my smartphone, and provides me with substantial ease while I’m using them—-


  2. MJ Campbell January 24, 2021 / 9:55 pm

    “A process that re-trains your mind to work in partnership with your body.” This statement is so beautiful. Going through life, especially during this pandemic, my body has just become a vehicle that transports me from one place to the next with little appreciation from my mind. However, by becoming more aware of my mind and body connection (re-training my mind to work in partnership with my body), my sense of appreciation for my body develops. I hope to discontinue allowing my body to take the toll through this pandemic, and instead continue working on my mind and body connection to facilitate greater ease with movement.

    MJ Campbell


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