Errands with the Alexander Technique


Eight of them.  That’s right, eight.  At some point in the morning, when I was getting out of the car for the 5th? 6th? time, I realized I had gotten way ahead of myself.  No longer in the present moment, but mentally on the next errand.   Mr. Alexander termed this experience End-Gaining.  And he had an antidote for its pervasiveness in daily life.

He called the antidote Inhibition; I describe the same concept as The Pause. (See 5/25/16 posting, ‘Unexpected Twists and Turns,’ for the blog’s first reveal of this idea.)  In The Pause, acknowledgement of absence is the entryway to presence.

Note.  Breathe.  Re-collect.  And then make a new choice; to fully reside in errand number 7 and not the already completed errand Number 2, or the highly anticipated Errand Number 8.  Head on spine.  Feet in contact with floorboard and pedals.

May the days ahead be imbued with presence and not overly plagued with errands.  May your zipping about town in a four-wheeled conveyance bring you moments of delight (I saw two egrets, white against the blue sky, stretched out in full-bore flight, while I waited at the very, very long Rt. 315/Lane Ave. red light).  We miss beauty, serendipity, and life itself when we are absent from ourselves. Blessings to you and your errands.

4 thoughts on “Errands with the Alexander Technique

  1. Stephanie Henkle June 9, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    excellent food for thought, as I leave to run a bunch of errands, including the dentist! UGH!

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  2. jan baty June 10, 2016 / 11:48 pm

    Diana– this is a delight– As always, appreciate your sense of humor and eye for beauty… much love– jan

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