A New Normal

weather-vane-158755_640The Alexander Technique proposes as normal the following: “an exuberant and vital sense of wellness; physical freedom and ease combined with mental flexibility and alertness.” That’s a quote from Sarah Barker, author of The Alexander Technique:  The Revolutionary Way to Use Your Body for Total Energy.

We’ve been led to believe that work, relationships and all the details of daily life require stress and distress.  What if these were not required? What if life could be pleasurable, with a flow and ease to the days?

I write this while Nicole Garlando is weeding the fern beds in the backyard.  As I sip coffee, type, and glance out the window, I see her bent to her task in a way that allows her to meet the bed of plants, very different from the way I often weed, which is to attack.  The bed has been neglected.  It’s hot and very humid.  There’s poison ivy in there.  And here is Nicole, lightly and thoroughly completing her task, without the need to compress and be in distress.

I’m learning, and will never be done.  That’s what keeps me interested in the Technique, and in life itself.  So much to be learned from all I meet, including the students who walk through the door of the studio each week.  We are all engaged in finding our ‘new normal,’ and this practice is worthy of our best and lightest efforts.  A day of vibrant normalcy to you!

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