Blackberry Basking

blackberries-846895_640So much work!  So worth it.  The blackberry patch at the farm was prolific this year. Branches were covered in sweet-deep-purple-blackness.

Now for the rest of it.  Poison ivy. Everywhere.  Heat and humidity.  Pervasive.  Gnats, mosquitos, buzzing, whining.  Check. Purple-stained fingernails for days.  Ugh. Sharp thorns leaving puncture wounds in the hands and arms.  Did I say heat?

I picked berries one evening only.  Mike picked all the rest of the time, and he has my undying gratitude for his fortitude.  It’s been one of the few perks of having a new hip, that I was not up to the challenge of hours bent over berry bushes.

The sun and the moon and the breeze and the good green earth grew the berries.  Mike harvested the berries, and I ‘processed’ them.  ‘Processed’ is kitchen-speak for all manner of procedures:  freezing, drying, sorting, washing, storing, and baking.

But first, there’s basking in them.  This involves standing in front of the baskets, hands clasped together in delight.  Also required to be a true bask-er-of-berries, is the eating of them, preferably one at a time, feet planted on the lane, breeze cooling the back of the neck, and all sweetness savored.  The Alexander Technique community would call this ‘good use.’  Yes, and living the good life.  Have yourself a berry day.  Find whatever brings you sweetness—–





5 thoughts on “Blackberry Basking

  1. petry37 August 18, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    Such a sweet entry! I can smell the fruit and feel the heat. Thank you.


  2. caribrackett August 22, 2016 / 6:20 pm

    Hi Diana!

    Is this a picture that you took of your berries? Were they wonderful? Cold you freeze some?

    I love you…….you know I do…….and, do you know that these berries in the picture are raspberries, not blackberries?

    Did you and Mike plant the bushes? They sound divine…..whatever you and Mike were able to pick……..



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  3. janmccain August 23, 2016 / 3:01 pm

    Reminds me of a favorite memory of picking blackberries in Ireland with the family. We were picking along a cliff walk path over the Irish Sea singing “Will You Go Lassie Go?”


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