Debauched Kinesthesia


man-516480_640“Debauched kinesthesia.” This is my all-time favorite F.M. Alexander phrase, which he used to explain how unreliable our sense of the physical self can be.  When we have spent years in habits of mis-use, our habits will feel right.

When a student first experiences balance, they report feeling too far forward.  And yet there they stand, beautifully poised and present.  But, this balance isn’t habit, thus it feels wrong.

F.M. was so exasperated with this phenomenon, he advocated taking into no account how we feel, and relying solely on Direction (our thinking) to bring us to ease and optimal use.

I’ve concluded that my thinking AND my kinesthetic sense can both serve in the duties of bringing greater poise and presence.

Notice where you are in this moment, checking in with your kinesthetic sense. Now, add F.M.’s direction:

‘I allow my head to move forward and up, that my spine may lengthen and my torso widen.’

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