Horizon Thinking

WP_20161103_15_07_49_Pro 1.jpgAll is well with the world when the horizon can be seen; a luxury not often afforded to city dwellers like myself. And finally the election season has ended…all the more reason to get myself to the farm for restoration. As the leaves fall, the vistas open up to distant rolling hills beyond the valley.  The wide horizon lengthens and widens me into spaciousness and a long deep breath. Space to move. Space to breathe.

Opera Workshop students recently received a list of Alexander Technique Prescriptions, which included an attention-training practice and instructions for Constructive Rest (a future post). I would now add, as a prescription for election season recovery, giving yourself an horizon-view-stroll. Get outside, even if it’s overcast, windy, and dank.  Dress well and go. Only then will you and I stand a chance of rallying our resources and making our next contributions to this 240-year-old experiment in living well together.  We’ve got a ways to go.  Start where you can.  Take a walk first, and often.

wp_20161103_14_58_07_pro(This horizon thinking stroll was made possible by Mike, who cleared the perimeter lane of the hill meadows and woods.  Thank you, Mike.  It was a wonderful walk.)

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