Constructive Rest

photo courtesy of pixabay

Lie on a firm and comfortable surface in semi-supine (knees up) or with knees down.  Place a paperback book or two beneath your head, allowing your head to align with your spine.  Notice the support of the surface beneath you.  Observe any places where you are holding yourself and allow those places to release.  Invite lengthening and widening along your spine, including your legs and arms.  Give yourself a prompt such as, ‘My neck is free.’  Move at any time for comfort and ease.  (5 to 20 minutes once or twice a day)

Years ago, while I was living with chronic fatigue and a long thyroid cancer recovery, Alexander Technique teacher Barbara Conable had this to say about her children when they were ill.  ‘They would play and suddenly stop their activity to stretch out on the floor, continuing with play a few minutes later.  They seemed to be listening to what their bodies needed, and they acted accordingly.’

Listen to the body and respond.  It doesn’t have to be much.  Attentive rest can be as restorative as a nap.  If you prefer the guidance of a recorded voice to talk you through the practice, I recommend Imogen Ragone’s audio: The Power Pause.




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