The Slo-o-o-o-w Start to a New Year


January 14, 2017. It’s dark out there.  Sleet, a whisper of snow, and a freezing rain advisory for the evening hours.  Dinner guests arrive soon.  Hoping they travel here without mishap. (Postscript:  They did!  And we enjoyed corn-and-cheddar-cheese-potato soup, warm-from-the-oven bread, firelight, a late Christmas gift-exchange AND the annual play date with our combined collection of wind-up toys.)

How do I often begin a new year, arbitrary though January 1 may be?  What else, but with those culturally sanctioned, confounded resolutions.  Here are a few of my former commitments:  weight-loss diet, strength training at the gym, less time on social media, more time walking, earlier rising.

2017?  Zero resolutions. On purpose and loving it.

Instead, I’m listening to the Body/Mind, the Self,* which has been telling me for years that my January is a hibernation month. Yes, there is a teaching studio to run, there are meals to prepare and friends to see but NO add-ons to the basics.

I encourage you to do the same.  Body rhythms align with the seasons, and the best season for new, for fast, for resolutions, is spring or fall in my book.  January is the perfect time of year to cook a pot of beans, bake cornbread, read a good book, write a few lines, and recover from December festivities. Self-improvement can wait.  Speed can wait. I’m choosing slow.

(With thanks to fellow wordpress blogger,  Greer Oharah, who inspired the writing of this slow start post.)

*the Self: “Alexander refrained from using words which imply a separation of body and mind…Instead, he spoke simply of ‘the self’ and its use and functioning.” Pedro De Alcantara, Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique.




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