Curiosity Recaptured


  • Curiosity Recaptured: Exploring Ways We Think and Move
  • foreward: Robertson Davies
  • editor: Jerry Sontag
  • Illustrator: Ginger Tate Beringer
  • ISBN 0-9644352-2-5

Buy this book.  No, I’m not promoting for Mornum Time Press or anyone else.  It’s a treasured tome on my Alexander Technique bookshelf.  And when it disappeared several years ago (probably a student loan), I promptly found another copy.

Essays by 14 authors each tell a story. Life in the performing arts, sport pursuits, childbirth, death and dying, the quotidian; all are explored through the lens of the Alexander Technique.  Authors include a physical therapist, actor, dancer, singer, flutist, cyclist, tennis player, avid walker, and hospice care worker.

Alexander Technique terms such as ‘directions,’ ‘inhibition,’ ‘use,’ ‘primary control,’ ‘freeing the neck,’ and ‘whispered ah,’ are defined in the context of the essays, which make this collection accessible to the AT novice and of interest for the practitioner of many years.

As a lover of all things bookish, I must also comment on the perfect heft of this book, even the paperback version!  It also pleases the eye, as Beringer’s full-page pencil sketches introduce each and every essay.

A good read on the back porch to you.  May the swallows warble above you and the sun shine down upon you—–






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