Alien Life

courtesy pixabay.  

Those ears!  Sitting on the east porch with our morning coffees, we catch a glimpse of a deer along the meadow’s edge.  The ears are prominent, sticking up above the grasses and bushes, one turning to its side, then the other.  They remind me of the rotating scopes atop mountains, scanning for signs of alien life.

Mike and I were the aliens, and the doe was alert to our presence.  Her eyes now visible, she studied us, and as I began to hum an improvised tune, she stepped forward.  One step. Two. Stopping. Another step.

To be a Deer Whisperer, the following is recommended:  Pause before singing.  Feel your feet. Note the breeze bringing your scent to the deer.  Receive your listener with an open heart.  Have no expectation for a response.  Send the sound wave and wait.

Back to the doe.  She listens.  She steps closer.  Her gracious head leads with her graceful body following, just as Mr. Alexander exhorted us to do.  She was born for beauty, and as I watch her finally leap back into the pine woods, she takes my breath away.

Let a four-legged creature be your Alexander Technique teacher today.  Cats, dogs, hamsters or deer; all have something to teach us about living well in a body.

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