Two handfuls of new. That would be Josephine.  She slept nestled in her carrier on the living room floor as laughter, song, and chatter swirled.  A band of rosebuds adorned her head, and with chin resting on chest, her rounded cheeks resembled a chipmunk’s full of nut treats.

So this is what new looks like.  We who have been here awhile miss new sometimes. Our skin sags, our spirits lag, our curiosity dampens, our love of life somehow diminishes.  Josephine is ‘all in,’ as the expression of the moment goes, and the rest of us long to live as she is, whether it be a dedicated nap or seeing June’s green for the very first time.

We all arrive in bodies and then there is the challenging business of living in them.  We start out with inherent ease and balance, then lose it by degrees as we enter the world of schooling, of societal expectations, of familial patterning.  Returning to poise and presence is possible, and I encourage you to—-

—find your ‘new’ today.  It may be as simple as bending from the hips to look through your legs at an upside-down-world, or finding yourself renewed, as I was, in the fine company of a newborn.

(Next week I’ll be in Maine. Thursday posts will resume on July 20.)

*sketch courtesy of pixabay


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