‘…and I’m filled again

with a crush of old sweetness

at how giving a moment can be           as it vanishes.’

It was my third day in Maine. The Writer’s Almanac for Tuesday, July 11, 2017 posted Rosie King’s poem, ‘Again.’   Her words expressed so well the experience of driving the familiar back roads of the Blue Hill region, walking the granite-strewn shores, and ending each day raising a toast with long-time friends.

Now is always and forevermore becoming then. How is it that we manage to function in this confusion of time?  Having traveled once again for the ‘crush of old sweetness’ that Maine offers up, I found myself in moments that gave, and yes, vanished.

Students ask, ‘How do I keep this balance and ease?  What can I do to preserve this lightness of body and spirit?’  My answer is, ‘Don’t try to keep it.  Don’t try to preserve it.  It’s past, gone, over.  Now we are in a new moment, and it is here that we return to ourselves.’

And so I too take instruction, from myself and the Alexander Technique, and continue rolling through the precious hours and days that are Maine. Here again, and again, and again.

May your magic summer place fill your heart and restore your body and spirit—–

photo: Acadia National Park, 7/11/17



2 thoughts on “Again

  1. caribrackett July 20, 2017 / 1:40 pm

    Oh Diana, this post is PRICELESS. We really have reached a time when there is more in the rearview mirror than in front and every current experience seems to be linked to strong memories. I think this is the best piece you’ve ever created.

    Thank you for this!


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