Dale Chihuly at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio, evocative of Maine waters


Stuck in an airport, thwarted from an on-schedule travel day, I text my sister a litany of traveler’s complaints.  She responds, ‘I hear a future Poise and Presence posting in all of that!’ What a great idea. I was too consumed with annoyance to consider it. My mood alters for the better.  I re-align. Thank you, Judy.

The mind re-aligns from anger to acceptance. No psycho-babble required.  The Alexander Technique principle of Inhibition suffices.  After pausing and observing the disappointment, a prompt can be given for the head to release away from its compression on the spine.  Body re-aligns from downward pull to length and lightness.

The plane did depart Columbus. (Eventually)  Downtown Philadelphia did appear. (In a cloudless sky, no less.)  The AA staff found a seat for me on a new connecting flight to Bangor. Yes, a planned-for Maine afternoon was lost to the confinement of airport terminals and plane cabins.  AND yes, a warm welcome at the Petry’s awaited, on the evening shores of Eggemoggin Reach.

Re-alignment to you this fine day—–

 (photo:  Heaven.  Eggemoggin Reach, that is.)

3 thoughts on “Re-alignment

  1. janmccain July 28, 2017 / 2:36 am

    Excellent use of Alexander Technique in a time of crisis. Love the name Eggemoggin. Mick and his family in Vermont near ME and they used to swim at Ticklenaked Pond, a fun mashing of an old Indian name i assume. Miss you. We are in Madison and then on to Racine and then flying out of Chicago to Seattle Aug. 1.

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