2017-07-14 11.20.05

Driving to Bangor Airport at dawn,  I call out farewells and thanks to the Benjamin Point doe and fawn, the ever-changing waters of the Eggemoggin Reach, Bridges Point beach covered in worn-smooth granite, Brooklin General Store with its daily provisions of pastries and wine, the post office white trumpet flower, set in a big pot right next to the drive-up mailbox, and last, but not least, the clapboard cottage down Steamboat Road, where Susan, Ric and William are sleeping.

Sadness of leave-takings AND gratitude for time well-spent.  Quality of life is enhanced when AND takes precedence over BUT.  AND gives us so much more of the big wide world in all its contradictions, variety, and wonder.  BUT takes us to the narrow confines of either/or, black/white, yes/no, good/bad.

Practice of the Alexander Technique is the practice of AND.   I am in this body AND in my office, the city,  and all of life beyond. I am walking AND considering my use; head on spine, long and light.  I tend to the sight-reading of the piano piece, AND I enjoy the stability of sit bones on bench.

Good bye, Maine.  AND, hello to home and husband——-



3 thoughts on “And

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  2. Amanda M. March 25, 2021 / 6:02 pm

    I love this thought of using AND instead of BUT. I constantly use but and seem to not pay attention to and. AND gives a more positive feel to a sentence rather than BUT which feels more negative to me. So today my sentence will be: Today is going to be a very long day AND I will keep a positive mind set about it!


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