What a concise, crisp word!  To be fit is to be healthy and well, robust and vigorous.  But what about illness, surgeries, accidents?  Stuff happens. What then?

The Alexander Technique principle of body-mind integration is not another something to add on to the recovery list of physical therapy, rest, diet modification, exercise. Instead, this principle increases the benefits of  all your recovery options.

An example:  stretching.  In post-hip-replacement physical therapy sessions, I was admonished to see how far I could go, and to count. Always counting.  Stretch for 10! Stretch farther for 15!  How about 20?

Counting takes me out of my body and into my mind.  I prefer to be engaged in mind/body cooperation.  And whadda ya know, when the choice is made to just find the edge of the stretch and be present to sensation and the body’s response, I can attest, the stretching is much more beneficial. Try it!  Let me know how it goes——

pixabay photo–adorable!






2 thoughts on “Fit

  1. Jamie Massa August 17, 2017 / 5:35 pm

    Love this! Thanks for these insights!

    I also prefer to use the word “fit” these days in setting goals for my body, my singing voice and my spiritual life. It takes away a sense of striving and working too hard at it.

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