Helsinki and Habits


I’m doing it again! The mere thought of writing to you has resulted in my habitual ‘work-mode’ use, that of over-arching the spine as I type. But here’s the good news. A wisp of noticing the habit means the habit stops. I don’t even have to try and fix it. Just noticing is enough.

And what will the topic be today, now that I have tended to my use?  Foremost on my mind are political news stories, which I have been following with the avidity of a reality TV show fan. If I found myself in Washington, D.C., working in the midst of its chaos, could I take good care of myself while participating in the carnival that swirls around our highest-elected official? I’m guessing not. Which brings me to a discussion of the limits of the Alexander Technique. If the Technique is to be an enhancement of health and well-being, its benefits are tied directly to many of our other daily choices.

Rest, nourishment, engagement with others and community, exercise, to name a few, contribute to wellness and health. I can ‘Think Up’ all I want, take AT lessons, lengthen and widen to my heart’s content, but if I am not rested or nourished, all is for nought. Balance of body must be paired with balance in daily life schedules and routines. And with my recent news watching binge, balance is no where to be found.

Of the many ways to spend a summer day, I have convinced myself there will be no  further news. It’s a rainy day out there, and I intend to be in the world of here and now, umbrella and all. The storms have passed, and what is left is a light and misty rain, perfect for a stroll through the ravine. Helsinki and its aftermath exist with or without me, which is not to say I have no obligation to respond as a concerned citizen. It does mean I can choose to relinquish my vigilance to the news feed, and take my Self for a walk.




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