In Residence


A recurring dream theme is of a house with unexpected, unknown rooms. Exploring the new spaces brings wonder and amazement. Sometimes it’s a large ballroom on the top floor, and once I dreamed of a house built into the side of a mountain, its inner walls the underground stones.

I associate these dreams with unexamined or unlived parts of my life. (i.e.–I love to dance, yet rarely do. Therefore, the dream of a spacious ballroom.) The ballroom dream can be understood as an invitation from my subconscious to occupy my body more completely.

And this is the primary practice of the Alexander Technique, to be fully resident in one’s body; at home and occupying all the rooms of the body-house. As you read the remainder of this post, check in with yourself. Are there regions of your body in which you are not residing at this moment? Common areas of non-residency are the back, the feet, the thighs.

When we are ‘in residence,’ we become more available to ourselves and to others. As Victorian-era homes would announce, ‘Mrs. Kelton is in residence on Wednesday afternoons.’ Ready to receive the world, welcoming in life.






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