Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man

Can we permit ourselves to trust air, to rest in its embrace? Consider water and air, and the creatures living in each element. Imagine a spotted trout living its life in the clearness of a spring-fed stream. Water surrounds this beautiful creature, as air surrounds beautiful us.

Ohio University music majors ended their Wednesday Wellness class with a thought exercise I call The Singing Six. In it, the six directions are acknowledged: up, down, side, side, back, forward.  Following the exercise, they reported an enhanced ease in their bodies, and a vitality often not available to them in the late afternoon hours.

Can you allow yourself to receive the support air provides, from all directions? Next time you catch yourself utterly absorbed in the minutiae of the day, pause please, and note the air, the space, around you. Enjoy expansion of your physical self within the air element. You will, most assuredly, have all the room you need.

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