‘What’s next?’

Curiosity provides engagement in the business of living a life. It’s this spirit that forms the foundation of an Alexander Technique practice. For an inspiring peek into a work culture daily asking, ‘What’s next?‘ I recommend the film, Hidden Figures,  which tells the real-life story of three African-American women mathematicians working at NASA in the 1960’s. Inspiring. Asking the questions got Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon!

‘What’s next?’

Short-term here at my house, it’s a load of laundry. Bills. Dinner to prepare. Salad and chicken breasts? Ahead this week: students to teach, appointments to keep, a southern Ohio day trip.  Yesterday it was mushroom hunting with the Baileys, and when we came up empty-handed, we asked that fine question, ‘What’s next?’ The answer was to prepare and enjoy the season’s first cookout in the woods.  A melted chocolate bunny, scorched bratwurst and many peanuts-in-the-shell later, we lounged under a crystal blue sky and found ourselves grateful we had asked,

What’s next?

If asking this question causes worry, if thoughts veer in a less than joyful direction (i.e.- How much longer can I delay a hip replacement?*), return to the moment and ask, ‘What’s next a minute from now?’ Perhaps it’s a cup of tea.

Ginger with turmeric. Excellent choice, Diana.

*(I toss in this aside about a ‘somewhere-in-my-future’ hip replacement to note: lifelong study/practice of the Alexander Technique is NOT to be equated with having or acquiring Body Beautiful. We practice the Technique in order to live as well as possible alongside the imperfections of a real life in a real body.) 

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