Avert: to turn away or aside: to avert one’s eyes

One word became a lifeline. Having re-lived countless times the heartbreak of a friendship’s end, this word came to my attention just when it was needed. I was ready to make a new choice.

I chose to avert my gaze, so intently directed inward at the friendship’s demise, and re-direct it outward to the deep green of trees lining the bicycle path. That ride is my first clear memory of benefiting from this practice, but there were many, many more times the choice was made, until, finally, the thought loops quieted, and I was able to live more fully and in the present.

If the Alexander Technique could be reduced to one word, as students were asked to do at Tuesday’s mid-term, mine would be ‘choice.’ Instead of relying on habitual responses which may not serve us well, we ‘turn aside’ and choose something different. The learning of the Alexander Technique focuses primarily on choices which affect our use of the physical self, but the basic concepts can also be employed for habits of use which involve emotions and thought patterns.

May you have a happy moment with a friend today—

(photo courtesy of pixabay)

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