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‘…the grace of her gathered self…’, a phrase from Jeannette Haien’s novel, The All of It, jumped off the page. I had pulled the book from my office shelves for a re-read, having no public library supply, its doors now closed.

‘…..the grace of her gathered self…  became a mantra, as I observed Ohio’s Stay-at-Home Orders, launched online teaching, adapted to empty grocery store shelves, read daily alarming headlines, checked in with friends and family, and practiced vigilance with household cleaning routines.

‘...the grace of her gathered self…’ Gathered? Nope. Scattered has been more like it. And yet, as we know in Alexander Technique Land, mind and body co-exist. One affects the other, always. And so, the mere recollection of this phrase, over the course of several days, allowed me to entertain the possibility of possessing a ‘gathered self.’

‘…the grace of her gathered self…’  Moments of grace did arrive. A daily Constructive Rest practice helps. Spring’s arrival helps. And when my Self is gathered, collected, when my scattered thoughts quiet, ‘grace‘ is the gift.

I am wishing for you, for all of us, ‘the grace of our gathered selves‘ as we negotiate the days and weeks and months ahead—-

4 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Stephanie Henkle April 15, 2020 / 2:53 pm

    thank you.


  2. Cheryl Capaldo Traylor April 16, 2020 / 2:24 pm

    It’s a great image, isn’t it? Often before my meditation I keep in mind that I am gathering myself. Right here. Right now. Gathering all the scattered pieces, at least for a while. ❤️


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