Take A Walk


Not to be confused with ‘Take a hike,‘ as in ‘get lost.’ No, this is an invitation to take your lovely Self walking. The Midwest is sweltering on yet another day expected to exceed 90°. Walk anyway.

Early, of course. Not for very long. And kindly, certainly. What do I mean by ‘kindly‘? Consider Use of Self as you walk. Instead of slogging through the humidity, doing battle with the elements, choose to receive the rich scents of a summer morning, the eggshell blue of the sky, the cardinal’s call.

What does all this noticing have to do with the Alexander Technique? Everything. Our inclusive awareness, of Self and Other, is the doorway into ease and comfort. And on a hot summer’s day, a bit of comfort is most welcome.

Continue strolling with attention to your structure, head moving away from the spine, inviting the spine to lengthen and the torso to widen.  You can integrate thought with action, as you ease-fully stroll through the neighborhood, the city street, the park path. A good walk to you—–


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