An Alexander Technique maxim: ‘As we think, so we move.

First and foremost, have an accurate body map of the breathing structures. Amazingly, after an extensive search on pixabay for a correct depiction of lung placement in the torso, the only one that did not mislead was this X-ray. Other sketches, drawings, and graphics placed the lungs much lower in the torso. No wonder breathing is a performing artist’s struggle, with our knowledge of breathing so limited, or worse, inaccurate.

Study the X-ray above. Of primary importance to note is the location of upper lung lobes. They are slightly ABOVE the clavicle. What does this mean for Use of Self? For one, there is no need to ‘dig deep‘ for a good breath. The lungs are right there, close to the airways of nose, mouth, throat.

If we think of our ribs as ‘The Ribcage,’ this will also hinder our Use of Self. Cage bars are immobile. Ribs move. Simply drop off ‘cage,‘ and you can say ‘ribs‘ to your heart’s content, with improved Use a result.

Ribs move at joints, 24 of them. Where each rib meets the spine, there is ‘give;’ there is movement. So, too, where ribs meet the sternum. Ribs travel out and up with an inhalation, down and in with an exhalation.

An easeful day of breathing to you—–

One thought on “Breathing

  1. Amanda M. March 4, 2021 / 7:46 pm

    This x-ray was the perfect depiction for me. Immediately, I could picture my lungs behind the clavicle. Not having to take deep breathes is an interesting thought because when I was reading, I instantly took a huge breath to try and feel the air all the way up past my clavicle. I did not feel my breath that high up so this is something I will keep exploring.


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