Wishing You Well

It’s that time of year when the beauty to be found is spare and muted, yet compelling. The bare trees branch out much like the neurons of my brain. This is the earth, and I am in it; I am of it.

The hill gave its gifts as it always does, this time on a blustery day that didn’t know whether to be sun-drenched or cloud-covered. As I collected bittersweet for the Thanksgiving table, the wind went soughing through the white pines. A couple of sweet wrens hopped through the fencerow bushes, their backs tawny smooth.

We gather at the holidays, in part, to push away the darkness of the short days. This year, with concerts cancelled, Open House events not happening, shopping excursions nixed, travel bagged, we are feeling keenly the lack. And then there are all those empty chairs at the table, not only due to everyone staying home, but because loved ones have died.

May the season bring you comforts, as simple as trees etched against clouds. Wishing you well this Thanksgiving——–

2 thoughts on “Wishing You Well

  1. mindasadancer November 26, 2020 / 10:10 pm

    Reading this over and over again. Thank you for reminding us that we are “of it,” dear Diana.

    Happy and warm holidays.


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