A month of blooms ahead. It’s a diversion from the usual format of illuminating Alexander Technique principles via every day life examples; let’s call it an Alexandrian Pause from Habit.

About the photo—Leo was filling up the bird bath when this lovely vignette came to my attention, morning sunlight on wild mustard and Siberian iris. Third summer at this address, first summer for wild mustard, all volunteers. They are everywhere, and blooming madly, even with the lack of rain. That’s the beauty of native plants—- resilient.

I’m a native, too, and would like to think resiliency is a trait I possess. My early 1800’s ancestors certainly did, leaving their Virginia homes to travel by horse and wagon over the mountains, then on flatboats down the Ohio River to Lawrence County, Ohio, where they homesteaded in the hills.

The southern Ohio phrase used was ‘dressing the graves’ and that’s what we did each Memorial Day. Mason jars were filled with water, flowers and sprays snipped and arranged, boxes of them placed in the backseat, followed by long drives over hot and dusty roads to place a jar of blooms on each resting place. I remember it well, most vividly, the year I accompanied Grandma Irene to the tiny backwoods plot where her first baby was buried, having lived only 3 days.

Three days, or 30 years, or 30 years tripled, we will all join them. Until then, may we remember well our beloved dead and honor them, not only with flowers, but also with lives well lived—-

One thought on “Prelude

  1. Ellen Taylor May 31, 2021 / 3:35 pm

    Such thoughtful and beautiful writing, Diana, creating a lovely and moving Memorial Day post!


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