35 years ago, my next-door neighbor, Sylvia B., gave me iris rhizomes from her rock garden. On either side of her front walk, so much beauty. Three residences later, Sylvia’s gifts are going strong, blooming more prolifically than ever before.

Not only furniture and kitchen boxes and clothing and books need to be moved when selling and buying property, but garden treasures as well. Only a handful; the buyer, after all, purchased the gardens along with the house, but a few must travel to the next home. They define home place; they are residents, too.

These beautiful blooms bring to mind (and heart) each spring the memories of our first and most wonderful neighbors, Ray and Sylvia, with whom Mike and I have remained in touch all these years. Sharing photos on our phones not too long ago, Sylvia admired one I had snapped of a single iris bloom. At Christmas, another gift arrived, a painting of that very iris! Two other pieces of Sylvia’s work grace our home, and now the golden iris joins them. Thank you, Sylvia. Thank you, irises.

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