Mike has almost five acres of the farm planted in prairie now, a long-term project in conjunction with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), a federal program that pays landowners to convert tilled acreage to native prairie. He planned the largest plots along a grass waterway to address field erosion, and another substantial area where the old McCullough homesite once stood. Neither of these locations are visible from the cabin, so he started three small prairie patches on the hill, where I could see them from the porches. This year they have arrived at their full beauty, and as native plants will, are now seeding themselves throughout the meadow grasses.

Beauty. And a husband who brings it to my doorstep. May the goodness of others and the delights of the natural world deliver to you a happy heart and lightness of step today—–

*(The June flower theme continues, as I am in full-blown summer bloom myself, basking in the season. Can’t stop just yet, since there is a back-log of gorgeous flower photos from my sister’s visit. We got ourselves to the Whetstone Park of Roses, which will be featured next week.)

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