Back in the Boat

Once weekly, an early morning paddle. My little Hurricane Santee serves me well, as does an Alexander Technique practice:

Observe:My finger/thumb joints hurt. On each stroke, I’m pulling the paddle down and back with my hands doing much of the work.’

Inhibit: Here I can stop altogether (quit paddling and float), or simply stop what I have been up to. I chose to stop working so much from the hands and my entire arm structures became more engaged in the flow of the paddling, all the way back to my back.

Direct: ‘I allow my head to move away from my spine, that my spine may lengthen and my torso widen.‘ (And my arms get to move freely, the hands engaged with the work required and no more.)

As the summer season wanes, get out there. Anywhere. Breathe. Walk. Paddle. Run. Hop. Bounce. Skip—-Roll. Flounce. Spin. You get the idea—

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