Change, Always

Monarch butterfly, one of many, yesterday afternoon. And this morning, it was a pair of Common Yellowthroats! Never before seen here. Must be migrating. Astonishing yellow breast in the male, with a black mask of a face.

Dear Readers:

Poise and Presence has been online for five-plus years now. The Alexander Technique principles have been defined, explained, and illuminated with examples from everyday life. The blog will remain online for student use, but will no longer have new postings.

I am happy to announce the planning stages of a new blog launch. Content will include book reviews, quotes I come across that get me thinking, and also photographs and written depictions of my daily life, featuring especially, but not exclusively, the farm. And who knows, I imagine the Alexander Technique will find its way into the posts, as well.

When the new blog is up and running, I will be sure to announce here its arrival and invite you to visit. Until then, a fine fall season to you, with wishes for ease in the body and lightness of heart.

Best Regards,

Diana McCullough

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