Hummingbird Clearwings

Photo is a bit blurry, but still better than pixabay’s. They move so incredibly fast, it’s a challenge–

A life-long resident┬áin the state of Ohio, never had I sighted this wee moth, until moving to our current home last summer. It resembles a tiny hummingbird, but with the antennae and legs of a moth. It’s a wonder.

Last Sunday, neighbors had gathered in the garden gazebo, everyone partaking of Mike’s home-made ice cream. I stepped inside to fetch a couple water glasses for the guests, and on my return, all were in a state of amazement and awe. A fine gathering had become an extraordinary one with the appearance of two hummingbird clearwings, who were intently extracting sweetness from nearby blooms.

And this Alexander Technique teacher observed her guests vibrantly lively in their movements and expressions, their eyes sparkling. I was witness to the happy circumstance of beauty and wonder taking the human form into length, width, and ease. Beauty can do that to a person, and it was a delight to find the hummingbird clearwings having this effect on my dear neighbors.

Seek Beauty today—-