More With Less


Where do we find it? Support, that is. Singers conjure up complicated explanations and practices in the quest to support their sound, and much of my work as an Alexander Technique teacher is assisting them in re-thinking their understanding of support.

Could support for singing, for standing, for sitting in this chair, for mixing up the evening meal’s cornbread batter, could all of these activities of daily life require less of me, rather than more? Less effort, less striving, less trying.

As you might have guessed, my unequivocal answer is ‘YES.’ Less is more. Doris Janzen Longacre’s cookbook title comes to mind; More-with-Less. Let’s apply this revolutionary thought to where you find yourself right now, reading this post.

What could you do less of, and still be engaged in reading? What could I do less of as I write this post? Less thigh grip. Less toe gripping in my boots. Less pulling in of my arms as I speed-type on the keyboard. There. An unsolicited, but most welcome, full breath. More with less.

(About the cookbook: As newlyweds making home, Longacre’s cookbook was our go-to source for meal planning. I used it so much it fell apart, and after decades, it finally went the way of the recycling bin, with a few pages saved for the kitchen’s 3-ring binder. Enter a January thrift store expedition, where I found, unsought, this copy in excellent condition. May you too know the delight of an unexpected boon this very day.)