Poise, Presence and Flu


Poised while sick? Present while miserable? Wha-a-at? For 8 days of the holiday season, poise was given short-shrift, resulting in additional discomfort as my body assumed the downward-pull position and pretty much stayed there. However, in retrospect, I can speak to the benefits of being present.

By co-existing with the onerous manifestations of flu, noting them as I suffered from them, the primary observation to be made is that flu symptoms are variable. They intensify, then subside. It was instructive to observe the ebb and flow of sickness, resting in the ebbs, persevering in the flows.

So there is that. It’s the most positive spin I can give to living with the Alexander Technique and flu simultaneously.  Keep those hands washed, rest well and often, with my best wishes for a healthy winter—