Holiday Season

And so it begins, the holiday season, fraught with food issues for many. Weeks of holiday parties, happy hours, and open house events bring to the forefront our relationship with food.

Backtrack to Nov. 5,  at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center*. ‘Dare to Be Heard:  Women in Art’ was on display for its final day. A Liz Roberts gallery installation titled ‘Mouthfeels’ featured a video of a woman unabashedly eating a sandwich while describing her thoughts. She reflected on the textures and flavors, and wondered out loud about how much was enough.

We are often asking ourselves similar questions in Alexander Technique Land, such as ‘How much effort is just enough for this task?’  Colleague Jennifer Roig-Francoli likes to say that the Technique is a practice in subtraction.  Do I need to scrunch up my neck to drive a car or grip my handlebars while riding a bicycle? What can I not do and still get myself where I need to go? What can I not eat and still be nourished?  The 4 minute video had become surprisingly suspenseful.  Would she eat the entire sandwich?

She did. Which brings us to a powerful principle of the Technique, that of choice.  In our moment-to-moment choosing we find freedom and yes, delight.  A full belly is a wonderful thing. We can choose fullness at one party and make a different choice at the next.  Having gripped the bicycle handlebars to quickly avoid a pedestrian, I can choose once again a light grasp.

Here’s to indulging in the season’s bounty, with a light touch and a happy heart!


*What a gem in our city.  Beautiful historic building with a well-curated gallery and a gift shop filled to the gills with artisan jewelry, glassware, paintings, and more. Do your holiday shopping here and forget the malls.