Bare Necessities

thanks to creozavr @ pixabay

In the span of a mere 48 hours, multiple appliances went on the fritz: dishwasher, washing machine, dehumidifier.  And a flat tire on the Honda.  Yup.  An 800-number scheduling service, waiting on hold, searching files for paperwork; all combined for maximum exasperation. Life can get so darned complicated so fast!

‘The simple bare neccessities of life’ Baloo sings in Disney’s 1967 Jungle Book. His were ‘Old Mother Nature’s recipes’ and included honey and bananas with a few ants thrown in.   My bare necessities are:  ease in the body, food, shelter, and a daily dose of kindness, both received and given.  A working dishwasher, clothes washing machine or dehumidifier not required.

Attention to Alexander Technique principles is a ‘bare necessity’ if you find yourself scrunched down at the computer, gripping the steering wheel on your commute, or suffering lower back discomfort from the week-end’s house-cleaning. ‘Forget about your worries and your strife’ as the lyrics go, and instead, give your attention to the present moment and to how your body is responding to it. Only then is there a possibility of ease and freedom of movement, which Baloo and Mowgli demonstrate with glee as they cavort through the jungle.

Make your good use of Self a necessity, not an item at the end of a to-do list.  And may the bare necessities of life be yours today.  As Baloo sings, ‘that’s why a bear can rest at ease’-