courtesy of pixabay.  

9:07 p.m. Friday, June 9, 2017.  It’s showtime and we are standing on the crest of the hill, facing east.  Where’s the full moon?  The sky has that summer haze, and the horizon is looking cloudy.  So we wait.

How to Wait for Moonrise:

Stand tall.

Feel the grass prickle your bare ankles.

Wrap your arms around your beloved and inhale his summer-rich scent.

Hear the swallows chortle as they ride the evening breeze.

Notice the cooling air on nape of neck.

Continue returning to the moment and practice patience.

The best things in life are free.  There it is, whole and entire, now visible in the dusky sky.  It travels quickly, changing from white to an orange-mauve hue, gaining in brilliance with every minute.  Yes, I could be in the city indulging in any number of entertainments, but this is where I want to be.  On the hill.

May you find a place, a moment, of beauty today.  It’s worth waiting for.






Night Sky

thanks to pixabay!  (No trees this tall on the farm, but we’ve seen that Milky Way.) 

Walk outside tonight and look up.  Lead with your AO-joint. That’s where the atlas (first vertebrae) meets the occiput (the bottom of the skull). If that gets tiring, lie down in semi-supine. I use a lounge chair for this.  Breathe. Point skyward.

Click on Night Sky, which will take you to the International Dark Sky Parks website.  Plan a trip to the Dark Sky Park nearest you.  Or, just walk out the back door. In winter, the stars are like miniature white lights draped among the highest tree branches.

Wishing for you ‘star-studded’ night sky viewing in these waning weeks of winter.