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an Ohio dawn

‘There is no away.’ This statement was in reference to the plastic trash in earth’s oceans, and the capacity of a single plastic water bottle to travel the world on ocean currents. An oceanographer made the comment in the sobering documentary, A Plastic Ocean.

There is no away. There is only here, where bits of plastic lodge in the bellies of water birds and hasten their deaths. Only here, at the grocery store this morning, despairing of finding buttermilk in a non-plastic container. Here, in the Heartland, where my consumer choices affect water health.

Our precious planet is 71% water. Our bodies are up to 60% water; the brain and heart 73% water. There is no away. Only us in our water bodies in a water world. We strive to keep our arteries unclogged for good health; why not extend our self-care to the waterways of lakes, rivers, and oceans? We study the Alexander Technique to take better care of ourselves and improve our quality of life; why not study and act on what will bring well-being to the water world beyond our individual ones encased in skin?

Yesterday, I walked into a menswear store and purchased a set of socks for my husband’s new suit. (The first wedding of the nieces and nephews is in April!) The clerk quickly and efficiently tossed them into a small plastic bag. ‘Thanks, but no bag please.’ It reminded me of Mr. Alexander’s Inhibition Principle. We merely say ‘No thanks‘ to habit and then observe what happens in place of the habit.  The socks fit handily into my purse and off I went. One plastic bag lighter. Just like when I inhibit a body-use habit and find that I feel lighter and freer.

Today, may we, pretty-please, say ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ to habits that no longer serve us or our planet—







moonrise, Myrtle Beach 3/11/17

What is it that takes your breath away? Most recently for me it was the full moon rising over the rim of the Atlantic Ocean, emerging from the scrim of a hazy horizon. It was four pelicans flying overhead, their wide wing-spans creating shadows on the sand.  And it was a shooting star, seen with a colleague at the annual Myrtle Beach Alexander Technique Workshop. (Thank you to faculty members:  Renee´ Jackson, Dale Beaver, Glenna Batson, and Robin Gilmore.)

Click here for the tune that kept circling in my mind’s ear as I wrote this post.  It was the theme song for the 1986 film, Top Gun. Never saw the movie, but the music was on the airwaves and became part of my life’s soundtrack.  Vintage 80’s!  a lyric excerpt:

‘turning and returning

To some secret place inside

Watching in slow motion

As you turn to me and say,

‘take my breath away’

May something or someone in your life inspire a breathtaking moment today.  A few days on the ocean guarantees a gasp or two or three, but the possibilities are endless, right where you find yourself. Turn and return to the beauty before you.