Alexander Technique Portals

Listening to Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 album, Luck of the Draw, and reveling in its groove. There are so many inspirations for moving up and being fully present. The Alexander Technique is one of the doorways into this ease and yes, this grace.  Raitt’s music is another.  Her singing requires the body to move, and that includes the new hip joint.  So grateful to you, Bonnie.


Watching clouds while sitting on the hill opens yet another portal into a vital moment of presence. The light spring breeze lifts the hair from my forehead, inviting the thought of ‘head balanced on spine.’   A flotilla of cloud-ships inspires a good deep breath and a walk through the meadow this holiday week-end.  Gracias, dear sky.

And my sister-in-law’s shrimp and grits will change anyone’s day for the better!  To inhale the heady scent of garlic-infused shrimp with cheese-drenched grits is to enter Now, not Then, or When.  Just now.  Good food and good people making it.  Blessings on you, Colleen.

We can realize full-embodiment through immersing ourselves in the sense-rich world. Sounds, sights, scents, tastes, touch.  I, however, needed an extra nudge in the right direction. That nudge came in the form of the Alexander Technique, which re-educated my Body/Mind to the possibility of integration, and to the recovery of well-being.  Some can do this by reading and experimenting on their own, others, as I did, seek out an AT teacher.

Find a door and step over its threshold.  So often we scurry on by, intent for the next task or destination.  Notice, instead, where your body is in contact with the floor, the chair, the air itself.  Watch breath come and go a few times.  You are in!  In your body.  In the world.